Upbringing Work

The Department of Analytical Chemistry is one of the oldest, which has existed since the foundation of the University and has a long history. At the beginning of the academic year, each teacher of the department introduces the students of his group to the history of the analytical chemistry department. The department has beautiful stands that reflect the milestones of the department’s formation and development. Prominent scientists who have made a significant contribution to the development of analytical chemistry, have headed the department at different periods, students should know their names and be proud of their achievements and discoveries.

Students are also acquainted with the scientific directions of the department in the past and present, which forms in them the desire to start their scientific work in the department’s SNT, which motivates them to take a serious attitude to the subject from the very beginning of its study.

Students are also introduced to the teaching and methodological editions of the department, which are written by the staff of the department for students, the development of their horizons in the subject of analytical chemistry.

These mini excursions are very student-friendly, raise many questions and are an integral part of the educational work with students in shaping his or her personality.

The directions of educational work are:

  • national patriotic education
  • moral education
  • bе legal education
  • labor education
  • environmental education
  • aesthetic education
  • physical education (healthy lifestyle)

The department continues to work with the NFaU Psychological Service, scheduled lectures for students, meetings with leading psychologists. The department has prepared and delivered lectures in the general direction “Health and Healthy Lifestyle Promotion”.
План виховної роботи на 20-21 н.р.

Звіт з виховної роботи I семестр 20-21 н.р.

Звіт з виховної роботи II семестр 20-21 н.р.

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