Kyzym Olena Georgiivna

Kyzym Olena Georgiivna Kyzym Olena Georgiivna Kyzym Olena Georgiivna Kyzym Olena Georgiivna

Оlena Georgiivna – Associate Professor of the Department of Analytical Chemistry of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, has been working since 1984, Candidate of Chemical Sciences (1991), Ph.D. thesis on “Ionometric analysis of medicinal forms”. Author of more than 150 scientific and educational works, including 3 author’s certificates for invention.

He lectures on analytical chemistry for Bachelors of Laboratory Diagnostics, and for higher education students of the Faculty of Pharmacy and Faculty of Pharmaceutical Technology and the management of full-time and correspondence forms of study. He also teaches a course of lectures on the subject of the choice “Modern analytical laboratory practice” for the students of higher education of correspondence form of study.

The department is responsibl

e for the methodological support of higher education students of full-time and correspondence forms of study in the discipline of their choice: “Modern analytical practice”.

Creates work programs, calendar of lectures, calendar plans of laboratory and seminar classes, syllabuses. Draws up tickets to write the final module control; also prepares tickets for the writing of auditorial control works, final module controls, examination in the discipline “Analytical chemistry” for applicants for higher education part-time studies of the Faculty of Pharmacy, Faculty of Medical Pharmaceutical Technologies and Faculty of Pharmaceutical Technologies and Management.

Conducts laboratory classes in the discipline “Analytical chemistry”, “Engineering laboratory work”, “Engineering laboratory work with analytical chemistry”, practical classes in the discipline “Modern analytical laboratory practice” and seminars in the discipline “Pharmacopoeial methods of analysis”

He is responsible for the scientific work of the department. Conducts career guidance in the secondary school №137 in Kharkiv.

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